Enjoy the profitability that wine offers!


Indeed,  wine may be a passion, however, when well chosen it can also be an excellent investment. As such, it becomes an alternative option to diversify any portfolio. It represent a type of investment similar to real estate or financial investments.

To offer some more insight into this investment opportunity, the prices of the Bordeaux Great Vintages for the last 5 years have increased by over 200% . A bottle of Château Laffite Rothschild 2005 purchased for 450€ can now be sold more than 1,800€.


To help you benefit from this market, our partner is offering an active solution for the investors who want to diversify their assets.

Our expert proposes the portfolios available for acquisition, Great Vintages are exclusively selected; Of course, your wines will be specifically selected because they among those with the highest potential for fiscal growth.

The wine will be stored in a private cave and will be your exclusive property. Our expert will be managing it for you and ensuring peak conditions at all times.

Similar to a portfolio of shares, our expert manages your assets, follows the prices and informs you when it is time to realize an added value on a particular vintage and, if you wish, takes care of selling the selected wine(s) on your behalf.

Finally, these exclusive services are the crucial criteria for optimizing value: the guarantee of Château origin, storage in professional cellars and resale to professionals.

Big names, authenticity and storage quality all ensure the desired outcome with this investment!